The Weeknd gibt Albumtitel bekannt & hat ziemlich sicher Stress mit Drake


Nach dem Release ist vor dem Release. Abel Tesfayes erste LP wird also auf den Namen »Kiss Land« hören. Wird trotz des merkwürdigen Titels sicher wieder regulieren. Und vielleicht kriegen sich die beiden Streitschwestern Weeknd und Drake auch wieder ein. Angeblich soll es da kriseln, weil keine vertragliche Einigung zwischen den Kanadiern zustande kam und das den Stolz des YMCMB-Rappers verletzte. Das alles, nachdem Drizzy die RnB-Diva im »Take Care«-Booklet noch als »brother« bezeichnete, der sein Leben verändert hat. Alles klar, Macker.

Auf Drakes »5AM In Toronto« fielen verbale Schüsse:

»Cause I show love, never get the same outta n*ggas
Guess it’s funny how money can make change outta n*ggas
For real
Some nobody started feelin‘ himself
A couple somebodies started killin‘ themself
A couple albums dropped, those are still on the shelf
I bet them shits would have popped if I was willin‘ to help«

Ein wenig Springer-Niveau zu später Stunde. Ihr wollt es doch auch.

Update: in den Weiten des Internets fand ich eben folgende interessante Informationen, die ziemlich sicher auf eine Trennung der Beiden hindeuten. WE DOIN‘ GZSZ MOVES, HOMIE:

»Basically – it sounds like it’s true; but it’s still speculation. Drake and Abel (The Weeknd) have been close for a couple years now and Drake wanted to sign him to the OVO label naturally but Abel wanted to go another way, fair enough to be honest, and Drake was obviously left feeling hurt. Now it’s kinda blowing up into a huge thing and people are even suggesting that Drake’s new single „Started From The Bottom“ is actually a dig at Abel. In the 2nd verse he raps „I could turn your boy into the man
There ain’t really much I hear that’s poppin‘ off without us, *****
We just want the credit where it’s due“ People are saying that Drake is kind of feeling like he bigged up Abel only to have Abel walk away from the OVO label now that he’s more mainstream.

In addition to this Drake tweeted this in December 2012: „You won’t get away with just a thank you…you owe me a favor.“ and then before in October: „Everybody bigs each other up until somebody gets big.“

Seems like some obivous feelings got hurt.

In addition to this, OVOFest tweeted „Just OVO.“ having dropped The Weeknd’s „XO“ from the previous „OVOXO“.

Furthermore, Drake’s Official Merchandise Online Store ( has removed all OVOXO branded clothing and now only OVO clothing remains.

Like I said, this is all just speculation, but it is a little strange that the two haven’t been talking recently, especially with Drake’s constant reps to TheWeeknd over Twitter these past two years. As well as this, Drake made dure to mention the drop of Kendrick Lamar and Meek Mill’s album but made no mention of Trilogy…doesn’t sound normal.

One thing to keep in mind though: if it wasn’t real, surely the pair would have cleared up any confusion via the media by now? I don’t know- you decide.«